Monday, August 4, 2008

They call me "Super-Shopper"

I don't know what it is about me, but I have a special gift when it comes to shopping. Some days are better than others, but occasionally, I have an amazing shopping day. Saturday was one of those days. I picked up the niece at 8:30 and we headed out. The mission? 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of jeans for Little Man to start school with next Monday. Here is how the day progressed:
  1. For starters, I got ROCK STAR parking at every stop I made.
  2. Driving into Chatham, I remembered someone telling me they thought there was a bead store there. Sure enough, there was. AND they were open already. I picked up a nice little selection of pretties, and found the very specific beads a co-worker wanted for her mothers' bracelet, so I got them as well.
  3. The store is in the same building as a bridal shop. And when I say the same building, I really mean different corners of the same room. So, to leave the store, I had to walk by a rack of dresses marked "70% off". Well, if you know me, you know I couldn't possibly walk by without browsing THAT. Sure enough, I put my hands on a gorgeous little black and silver taffeta number and drooled a bit. Wouldn't it be nice if it was my size? We do have a gala event coming up later this year that I'll need a gown for. Would you believe the tag had my size on it? Yep, I tried it on...and... BAM! Did I look like a rock star. It fit like a glove. I'll take a picture when I get a chance. Under $40 for a ball gown that looks neither like a prom dress or an old lady dress, and fits? Priceless.
  4. Off to Kohl's! I'm not normally a fan of Kohl's but for today's purposes, it will do. No shoes for T there, but got his 2 requisite pairs of jeans ($19, and $14, respectively). The teenager had fun shopping for school clothes while I wandered to the 80 -90% off clearance rack. I left that store with the 2 pairs of jeans, 2 layering camisoles, and 10, count 'em TEN sweaters for my winter wardrobe (which I desperately needed), and how much do you think I spent? $106. Yes, that's right. I dropped a Texas ten, and got my entire winter wardrobe, and the toddler's jeans (which were almost half the bill) and a new pair of sunglasses. It was a spiritual experience.
  5. TRIED to go to Chipotle, but couldn't even park. :(
  6. Ended up at TJ Maxx. I looooooove TJ Maxx. I rarely shop the store, I generally just head straight for the kitchen area. This day, I found olive wood utensils. Beautifully mottled olive wood spoon ($4.99), spatula ($3.99), and salad set ($7.99). Then, I discovered the holy olive wood rolling pin. Gorgeous.... NO price tag. Only one of its kind. SO, I took it with me and asked at the register how much it would be. She said she'd have to go back and look, but looking at the lines, I said it was ok, I wasn't going to make her leave the register to do that (especially since I knew there wasn't another one). She looked at the other utensils, checked their price tags and sold it to me for $4.99. I paid my bill, and ran from the store before she could realize her mistake. Also found a lime green Kuhn Rikon mandoline for a friend who has been looking for one for ages, for $9.99.

All in all, a VERY productive day. I'm thrilled with my purchases. God only knows when I'll have that kind of a shopping day again.


NV said...

Wow -- my kind of day. Congrats!Though I seem to have the reverse experience that you do. I usually have good luck at Kohl's (thought not lately) and not so much at TJ Maxx.

Shirley said...
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