Monday, August 18, 2008

Calling all creative minds!

Ok, I know its only August, but Halloween is just around the corner! Since I prefer to make costumes, rather than buy the cheap-ass ones that are available in the stores and online, I need to get a jump on it!

My son is 3 this year, and to date he has been:
2005: Nothing (I didn't want to do that to a little baby, so I put him in a onesie that said "Little Devil")
2006: A Deer Hunter, in full camo, with toy shotgun, just like Daddy
2007: Chef Linguine (From the movie Ratatouille - I confess to purchasing this one)

I am a simple girl, I don't like characters (cartoons, etc) or huge, stuffed, furry outfits. My husband is a manly man who would never stand for me putting Ty in something less than macho. I need ideas!!! What should Little Man be for Halloween this year? A train conductor is the best I have come up with so far.... Oh, and just for kicks, here are his other Halloween pics. Enjoy!


NV said...

How about Dracula, a biker dude, a cowboy, a construction worker, a scientist, a bum.

MonkeyGirl said...

Too bad you don't like cartoon characters, Sewwhat?/Monkey Mamma makes a wickedly simple, but oh so cute SpongeBob costume. I'm afraid that I'm not much help because my last costume was an XML file - Ty's way too cute to be labeled as a nerd!

Kerry said...

I have bought all of Brandon's costumes so far *blush*. I wanted to make his costume this year (Dash from the Incredibles) but buying all of the pieces would've cost twice as much.

How about a firefighter? That's pretty macho. We briefly considered that, he would've worn his Kushies rainsuit and all I would've had to buy was a hat.

Ooh, or how about an Olympic Gold Medalist? Like a runner or a weightlifter or something?

Ty'sMommy said...

Ooooh Kerry, that is a GREAT idea! Ty loooooves the Incredibles, but it would probably mean buying the costume, yeah. He loves Bob the Builder, too, but again, ditto. Hmmm...maybe.

fishsknitty said...

I can't take credit for this one, but one of my favorites was when someone dressed up as guy from the board game "operation," complete with velcro parts that could be taken out with a pair of tweezers!

Toni said...

A robot, a pirate (you could teach him to pirate talk, Aarrgh!) A policeman or fireman is always good (kids like the gear,) a farmer or scarecrow. Personally, I like the Gold medalist idea from above. I might have to use that one. You could do Michael Phelps, but there's the whole bathing suit in Oct. issue.

sewwhat? said...

Monkey girl already told you about Sponge Bob and Gary. The Gary costume was a challenge, the little character who was wearing it was under two, and she just wanted to run around instead of getting her Gary Snail shell on. We captured a pic or two finally. Spongebob was recycled last year for the younger sib. Want me to send it to you?