Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Memories made....

Just warning you all, we have had a VERY eventful, long weekend, and this is the first of what I expect to be MANY blog posts coming to cover all the events. But, after all, I do have to work, so its going to come one at a time.
My son is growing up. *sob* Yesterday, I took my Little Man to his first day of preschool. Yep, that's right, he's in school now. It makes me both deliriously happy, and terribly sad at the same time. I've lost my baby. But my little boy is becoming the Little Man we've always wanted him to be. (Not to mention the fact that if he adjusts well, we'll officially be done with daycare hell, which is a boon, to be sure.
SO, here he is, my little preschooler, having breakfast with grandma and Grandpa, trying out his new Diego backpack, running up the walk to school, and posing for silly, camera-wielding Mommy.


NV said...

OMG! How cute. Congratulations on this major milestone!

Ty'sMommy said...

Thank you! Oh, and I read your post this mornig about finding trinkets the previous owners left behind. If you look at the first picture of Ty eating breakfast, you'll see a "shabby" sideboard in the background. This was found in a shed on our property. It had an old gas bill in it from 1912. Too damaged to have refinished, but I turned it into something pretty and useful anyway. I'll blog about it sometime.