Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Black and blue

You might think that this is self descriptive after the weekend of home improvement mania I have just subjected myself to, but actually, it is tastier than that. Located directly between Deliverance (also commonly referred to as my home) and town, is a lovely little farm where they sell their own home-grown goodies. As I was headed back from town with the parents Friday, the sign read "Blackberries". That's new! I love, love, love fresh picked blackberries. And, wonder of wonders, I actually saw someone there, working the stand! So, we stopped, and sure enough, they had literally just come in from picking and the berries weren't even in containers yet. I bought a quart and took them home. Later on, Mom and I turned them into this:

As you might imagine, it was quite tasty with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream. This was a very simple filling of fresh berries, sugar, almond extract, and crush Amaretti cookies. I brushed the pastry with heavy cream, sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar, and more cookie crumbs before baking. Very, very tasty way to use summer produce.

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NV said...

WOW! Those look yummy. A nice touch to round out lunch.