Monday, August 18, 2008

Please hold, caller....

Ok, its Monday, and I know I usually have a slew of things to blog about on Mondays, but this has been a particularly rough weekend. So, you're all gonna have to wait a bit! Here's a quick recap, on which I will expand as the day progresses:

Friday: As those of you on Twitter know, a woman I have worked with went missing from her home and was later found dead by one of our coworkers who joined the search party.
Friday night: Somehow managed to get through Date Night at the State Fair/ZZ Top concert with only one tearful disaster of a meltdown that brought 2 concerned security guards to my aid.
Saturday: A little quick shopping before leaving Springfield to pick up my Angel Boy who was wonderful for his Auntie M overnight.
Completed one panel for the tin punched doors, however, camera died at the concert...still charging now, so pictures will come later.
Sunday morning: 60th birthday breakfast for Grandma La-La
Sunday afternoon: 60th birthday LUNCH for Grandma La-La.
Sunday late afternoon, Taco Soup for today's food table, a bottle of wine, and a long talk between the Hubs and his father (who is in poor health). Its shaping up to be a rough few months on that side of the family.

Back to work this morning, and glad to be here except that everyone here is in mourning and still waiting to here what we all want to know....what happened to Lydia?


NV said...

I'm SO sorry about your friend/former colleague. Definitely not a good way to end any day, much less start a weekend. I hope there is nothing suspicous to make it even more of a tragedy. thoughts and prayers.

I'm Just a Girl said...

Thoughts and prayers coming your way...