Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And, finally, a recap of things unmentioned

Among other things, Ty had a fabulous visit with his Grandma and Grandpa. We did have a lot of projects this time around, but Ty just loved being Grandpa's shadow and helping him "fix" the house. Other projects not mentioned, two new light fixtures in the cubby holes in my room, a new light in the laundry room (YAY!!!), a new ironing board extendeder Dad made for my sewing room, they brought their carpet cleaner, so now my carpets don't suck as bad as they used to, and all the baseboard in the house is now finished, with the exception of the sewing room (which no one cares about but me, and thanks to the new door, no one can see anyway) which will get done on the next trip. Also, many, many other little tidbits that came up as the weekend progressed. My Dad is a trooper, and we sure love him for it.
Here is a nice pic I took this morning of Ty and Grandpa watching the sunrise through our living room window. What a nice way to finish out a great visit. Thanks for everything, Grandma and Grandpa! Can't wait to see you again.


NV said...

Awww ... How precious is that? I hope you took some shots of Ty "shadowing" Grandpa. I have to think those would be fun to scrapbook!

Ty'sMommy said...

Ironically, we were so busy, I didn't get a lot of pictures, but don't worry, there are already a couple of spreads in his albums of T helping Grandpa. Its just too cute to pass up!