Monday, August 25, 2008

A big one to cross off the list!

Well, it was a fairly productive weekend, although a bit disjointed. Lets start with working late Friday night on a problem that we ended up not being able to fix. THAT should be fun in my department meeting this morning. My wonderful SIL was kind enough to pick up Little Man for me, and then we all met for supper. On the way home, I learned how observant my son is. We were nearly home when he said,
"Mommy, look at the..." WHAM!!!! "....deer."
Yep, I'm making my third payment on my new car today and a deer ran into me on Friday. Yep, ran RIGHT into me. It came out of a thick patch of brush and was on me almost before I saw him. Fortunately, we were very lucky. I caught sight of it in time to brake enough that it hit directly in the front passenger side wheel, instead of 4 feet further back, which would have been right on Ty's window. To double our good fortune, there was no damage. I might need a new hubcap, the mechanic said, and maybe a little paint buffing the next time I have the car in for service, but that's it. Dodged that bullet somehow. Oh, and yeah, the deer got away. I hope I see him again come deer season in November....
Ok, so that left a bad taste in my mouth and I decided that I was going to spend the evening getting cozy with a glass of red wine instead of working on my doors, but that didn't last long. Sitting there on my couch, talking on the phone, and looking at the door panel, laying on the carpet in front of me, I began having these thoughts: (fellow DIY-ers will be familiar with these) "But, there are three panels done and just ONE blank spot." No, just relax tonight and don't worry about it.... "But really, its just ONE just doesn't look right like that. How long could it take to do ONE panel?"
I couldn't take it, either I had to move the door out of sight or I had to do the panel. And if I was going to take the time to get up and MOVE it, I might as well just sit down and DO it. It was bad enough that I actually had to get off the phone and do something about it. So, I did the panel. And then I trimmed all four and nailed them in place. And then I did two more panels.... sick, sick, sick....
So, the next morning I awoke with the realization that my work from the night before left only TWO star panels yet to do, and the three word panels for the other cubby. I had all five knocked out, nailed in place and doors hung before 9:00am. Sick. But they look good, no?

The rest of the day was filled with miscellaneous odds and ends like laundry and dishes, hanging the infamous mirror, and the like. Saturday night we had a date again, but we might as well have stayed home because MAN, WAS IT BORING IN TOWN! We were home by 11:00 and asleep before midnight. However, our son woke up bright and early (can I really say that when it was before dawn?) at 4:45am. Suffice it to say, I was exhausted last night. But, we did have a birthday party to go to for his cousin, and Aunt P brought along her own personal waterpark for the kids to play on one last time before summer is over. Ty refused to go down the slide, but he sure had a good time splashing around....all in all, a good weekend.


NV said...

WOW! Those look awesome. CONGRATS! And I was nodding my head when I was reading about the "I could just be sitting here or ..."

MonkeyGirl said...

I love the "Home Sweet Home" panel! I'm still offering my ceiling up as a holder for all of your punched tins if you can't seem to stop yourself!

Ty'sMommy said...

NV - thank you! I knew you, of all people, would understand.

MG - Well if I get bored stiff this winter with nothing to do, stranded in the rural hell that I call home and I need a project, I'll let you know! :)