Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another kind of "Blue"

Moving on to the home improvement topics! When my parents come to visit, god bless 'em, we always work on projects for my house. Its been 3 years since we started, but we're finally dwindling down to the last few items on the list. This weekend was a BIG one. When I count them down, it won't seem like we accomplished very many things, but if you consider all the details involved, it was a ton of work. Just as an example, we put up the rest of the baseboard and door casing in the house. But that involved drywalling around my bedroom door because the people who did it originally left too big of a gap for the trim to cover, which also involved priming and painting. And while that was going on, Dad also drywalled the rough opening on the closet door in my room, which meant more priming and painting for me, but will make it ready for his NEXT visit, when we will put louvered doors on it.
Far from the biggest or most crucial project this weekend, but the one I was most looking forward to, was my laundry room door. My laundry room is the armpit of the house. And I don't just mean because of what it represents. It is the only room in the house that remains undrywalled, without decent flooring, and very, very dirty from the critters and other invaders you find in the countryside. Aside from all that, you can clearly see the room, and its contents, from my kitchen. Yuck. However, its not a room we can put a regular door on, because it also houses our furnace and water heater. Dilemma. A while back, I saw a cute idea in a crafty magazine, where they had put an old, gingerbread trimmed screen door, painted a brick red, over a built-in pantry space. Very cute. So, I had Dad pick up a screen door at Lowe's, and, being the fabulously talented (thank you, thank you, Dad!) talented person that he is, he also crafted the little frets for it and brought them out so I could paint everything cobalt blue (the accent color in my yellow kitchen). Here are some shots of the chain of events. I forgot to take a shot of the finished door after it was cleaned up and mounted, but I will amend this post tomorrow, to that effect.


NV said...

Man, what a dad! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Anne said...

will you paint the screen? That is a very Baltimore thing to do.


Ty'sMommy said...

NV - Yep! My dad is the absolute best!

ANNE - How very cool! Actualy, I was thining of painting it, but just black to keep from being able to see my junky laundry room. I need to keep it ventilated....I'm not artsy enough to paint a picture, but it might get a coat of black!