Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mother Nature is a tyrant.

And I don't much like her right now. My plans for last night were blown out the window with the storm Bad Ol' Mama threw at us. We didn't actually get much rain, but the wind and the lightning were fierce. I took this picture on my way home from work as I was rushing to beat the downpour to my front door. The hubs barely made it in the house with his life, I'd say, rushing in from the car just as the eye of the storm was above us and I was holding the door open for him, yelling "Run, Forest, RUUUUNN!!!!!"
And, of course the power flickered multiple times, but fortunately for us, I was prepared with candles lit, and it never stayed out. However, for the second time now, my Little Man has developed a fear of storms, apparently, and wanted to be held all the while, which made it impossible to paint. Once the storm subsided and the threat had passed, and his nervous-nelly stomach settled, it also turned loose of his supper. Yay.
In the daylight, it is trash pickup day. My lucky day, the kitchen trash decided to pee something pungent and horribly nasty all over me and the kitchen floor as I was taking it out. I spent a good while cleaning up THAT mess. Then, upon delivering that to the trash barrel and turning back toward the house, I saw the true damage of the storm. It took out my best tomato plant. The really, really big one with all the beautiful little yellow teardrop tomatoes that is just starting to really put on ripe fruit, just in time for the parents' visit. I rushed to it to discover that it wasn't completely uprooted, thanks to the sturdy tomato cage I bought at the greenhouse, but the cage itself was bent! I spent another good chunk of time trying to round up something to stake it out with and straighten it back up. I have a feeling it will be bent over again when I get home.
After all that, I finished getting ready for work and rushed out the door, only to look down and see green tomato-leaf stain all over the front of my white shirt. CRAP!!!!!
So, after all of that, suffice it to say I was a little late to work today, where I arrived to find that my office had lost power last night and the generator failed to fire, so our IT guys are running around trying to get all of our servers back up and running. Its going to be a fun day.
Silver lining? Before T got up this morning and all of the proverbial poop started to hit the fan, I did manage to get MOST of my painting done - some last night and some this morning. I do still have some to finish tonight, and I am definitely behind schedule, but it could have been worse. Wish me luck tonight!


I'm Just a Girl said...

So, what you're really saying is that you want to crawl back in bed and try again tomorrow????

Ty'sMommy said...

Hell F-ing yess, I want to! I almost did, too. LOL I forgot tomention in the post that as I was pulling the trash out of the can, I popped the same rib that I hurt last week again and now I'm sitting here, hardly able to breathe again! Are you sure its not Monday?

NV said...

Good grief, girl! At least it can only get better, right? That said, I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that Mother Nature appears to be in league against.

Ty'sMommy said...

NV - Oh no, she's out to get both of us, for sure! All I can say is she better keep away from my house this weekend! We have way too much going on and my lawn needs to get mowed before the parents show up tomorrow night!