Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quite the motley weekend.

Well, I certainly didn't get as much accomplished this weekend as I had intended, but when its a holiday and you are obliged to be at various functions, I suppose that's understandable. So, I'll just give a little recap to start the week out with!
Friday night: SOOO exhausted. It had been a week from hell, and fortunately the day went well enough that I didn't have to work late. Also, grandma decided to pick Little Man up from school, even though I could have picked him up on time, so I stopped at the tavern for a couple of drinks with people I haven't seen in awhile.
Saturday: Various miscellaneous things got done. T and I took my nephew to breakfast in town and took care of grocery shopping. Saturday night was a bust because the hubs stayed up too late with friends the night before and literally slept from before we got home (around 3:30pm) until the next morning. Yes, the NEXT MORNING. However, we did also go to the newphew's football game. Apparently, around here, it is customary for little brothers/cousins of the players to wear their "away" jerseys to the home games. So,doesn't my Little Man look adorable?

So, Sunday, I felt like a bum. Didn't do much, but ran to town to fill the gas tank before our trip to Belleville on Monday, and on the way back, stopped to visit Daddy who was helping our friend tear old dead bushes out of his yard. Which, naturally, requires heavy machinery. Which, naturally, meant that T wanted to go for a ride. "Unka" Jake is really great with T, and always lets him ride, even letting him run the controls.

Sunday evening, we had a Labor Day/House Warming party at a friends house and T went to grandma's. The party was nice, but the hubs mainly annoyed the piss out of me all night.
Monday, Labor Day parade and picnic in Belleville with the Boilermakers. The day could have gone one of two ways. Horribly hot, sweaty, and grouchy on the part of our toddler, OR a fun day for all, with all the games and such they provide for kids. Well, the food was good, there WERE lots of activities for the kids. However, my son turned into the spawn of the devil and made me look like Mom-of-the-Year (sarcasm) as I was alternately dragging him around the park or swatting him in the rear for being the monster-from-hell. Then, again on the way home, hubs annoyed the piss out of me. For those of you that don't know him, he is the world's worst back seat driver, and I seriously almost bitch-slapped him by the time we got to Brighton.
Naturally, he had better things to do the rest of the day, so T took a nap, and I had a glass of wine. Then, at the tail end of the weekend, I decided it was time to do something. I slid the newly made cover on the ironing board topper, and then set up my cutting tools and cut the strips needed for the main part of my quilt. Here they are:

Does it look like enough fabric for a King Sized quilt? No, I don't think so either. There is still more, this pile doesn't include the borders, but I'll wait to cut those until all the blocks are made.

So, that was my weekend. I didn't do much other than play with beads a little. Speaking of which, Syl, you'll have a yellow envelope coming your way for Princess this week! I'm back to work today and I'm hungry, so I need to go find some food!


NV said...

WOW! You were quite the social butterly, girly girl. And I've done that Belleville to Brighton -- and reverse -- many times. No fun. But I have to tell you, I think the mother holds the title for worst backseat driver. "Look out for the car!" as she clutches the dash to shield herself. "WHAT car?!" She means the one 70 feet ahead of me, two lanes over ...

Ty'sMommy said...

OH yeah, I can't stand a backseat driver. If you want to whine, you'd better be the one driving! The coment that stands out from this trip was "HONEY! You're driving 12 miles ov er the speed limit - on LABOR DAY weekend!" Back off, man! The faster I get home, the sooner I get rid of YOU! The speeding ticket will be worth it."