Monday, September 8, 2008

I took the weekend off!

Well, ok, sort of. We didn't have much going on this weekend, and I think my motivation took a holiday on me. Friday night, I decided to forego cooking dinner and Ty and I went to the Lions Carnival, as promised, since he had a good day at school (after the disaster of a day he had Thursday). We rode rides, ate nachos, and peed in the parking lot of a bar (Ty did, not me).
Saturday, we hung our with my SIL and her kids, having lunch and buying new shoes. I also stopped in at the local jeweler with my niece. She asked for a new ring for Christmas, but didn't know what size, so I took her to be sized. While there, and chatting with the owner, she commented on my mothers' bracelet that I had on. It went something like this:
Jeweler: "That's very nicely done"
Me: "Thank you!"
J: "Do you advertise?"
M: "Umm, no, I just do it for myself and for gifts"
J: "Hmm. Do you have a business card?"
M: "Well, sure.....let me get one"
J: "I've had several ladies come in asking for those recently, and I'd love to be able to give them your name."

Wow. I just officially got referred by a jeweler to her clients. THAT SO ROCKS!!!

SO, moving on. :) Saturday night was date night again. I know, we've been having these a lot lately, and rightly so. See, for those of you that don't know my husband, he pretty much comes and goes as he pleases, and me? I get stuck at home no "Mommy duty". Every so often we get into it over the issue, which is what happened not long ago. SO, now we have a deal. Every couple of weeks, we get a sitter and go out. Even if its just to the boring bars in town, we go out.
Well, we almost didn't make it this time. The sitter was there, we were ready, and Ty, being in the "I'm going to keeping mouthing off to you no matter how many times you spank me" phase of his 3 year old career, had a meltdown. We finally made it out, but I didn't end up going to the birthday party I promised to attend. Still, a pleasant evening of barbecue and beer with friends I haven't seen in awhile.
Sunday, I didn't do JACK. I played with Ty, laid on the couch, fiddled with my beads, and moved some things around in my sewing room so I could think about working on my quilt this week.
This morning, my car is in the shop for alignment after my close encounter with the ditch last week.
I'll post pictures of the carnival after my camera battery charges up enough to download them!
Oh, and as I side note, my babysitter for the bead show on saturday bailed on me!!! I am looking for a replacement, but I think I'm just going to end up being very pissed off and not getting to go. GRRR! MG and NV - I'll keep you in the loop!


NV said...

OH NO! I would hate that. We were just talking about that at the crop, er, during my kidnapping.

MonkeyGirl said...

I hope you get the babysitter issue resolved. It would be horrible to miss a bead show - and my room is fast approaching completion so I need more beads to fill up my drawers!

Ty'sMommy said...

YAY! Good news to all (especially me). My SIL was wrong about their football schedule and will be here to watch the boy-child for me while I go drool over multitudes of beads! So, we're on again!