Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Quick Note

Ok, I don't really have much to say this morning, but I promised to post pictures, so I thought I'd add a quick update from yesterday. I had one of those "cheap-gasmic" shopping experiences at Walmart yesterday. I arrived just as they had made ENORMOUS markdowns on a bunch of stuff in their home department, mainly comforters and lamps. So, I got a new HUGE wall mirror (29x36) in a wood frame for $9 (originally $39.95), new curtains for the boy's room for $4 each (originally $17.26) which look lovely on his windows, by the way (no, Mom, he didn't need new curtains, but I thought it would be nice to have something heavier on his windows for the winter), and two end tables (the kind that is a square shaker style table with a tamp sticking out of it) to use as nightstands in our bedroom (originally $54.76) for $13 each. NICE!!!!
SO, I didn't do much last night, other than cook Onion Chicken for supper, but this morning I did the next step on my quilt, which was pressing out the first set of strips and cutting them down into 2 1/2 pieces again, preparing for the next stage.
So! Here are pictures from the Carnival!

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NV said...

Yep. No doubt about it: future heart-breaker. :-)

Don't you love bargains?! The mother and I have always refered to clearance as "our friend Clarence."