Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just because its what I made last night....

The easiest recipe in the world. I don't care how cooking-naive you think you are, you can make THIS.

Italian Beef
1 roast (I used sirloin this time, but chuck, arm and others do just as well) 3-5 pounds, not too fatty
2 packets Good Seasons Italian Dressing mix
1 can of beer (seriously, any kind.) or, if you don't do beer, water, stock, wine, soda....but beer gives it a certain flavor and tenderizes the meat nicely.

Dump the whole shebang into a crock pot and cook on Low all day while you are at work. When the roast falls apart, slap it on a bunch of your favorite sandwich rolls and maybe add a slice of pepperjack cheese to it, like I do. Don't forget napkins.

I've also known people to do this with chicken breast, and add a jar of pepperoncinis. I sometimes add a tablespoon or so of extra Italian Seasoning, for some extra ooomph.

Really, its three ingredients, and literally a "one-pot" meal. You can't go wrong.


NV said...

Even I can handle this one! LOVE this stuff. The mother usually makes it at the holidays.

Great with baguettes. Now I'm hungry. :-)

MonkeyGirl said...

Wow, even for the self-proclaimed cooking deficient, this looks easy! My isse would be to remember to throw it in the crockpot before I leave the house. I am so not functioning in the morning!

Ty'sMommy said...

You know, I've even been known to cook it overnight while we're sleeping and throw it back in the fridge before I leave for work, then just warm it back up for supper later. It reheats just fine.