Friday, September 26, 2008

Got Cheese? and other topics

Well, its finally Friday, and BOY am I ready! The hubs was supposed to have tomorrow off and just called to say they changed their minds about working this weekend, so I doubt he shares my enthusiasm, but me? Yeah, I'm there.
Let's backtrack to yesterday for a minute. My mood improved greatly as my headache went away, and I stopped off for a couple of groceries and a bottle of wine after work - I just didn't know at that moment how much I was going to need the wine.
I picked T up from school and after we got in the car, I opened his book bag to see what he was bringing home. A note. Addressed to Matt and Beth Anne. Uh-oh. T's regular teacher had been out for the afternoon, so I didn't get to talk to her in person. Turns out, Ty had been quite a trouble maker at school yesterday, hitting two of his classmates. So, that was strike number one against my evening going well. T got sent to his room the moment we got home and got no movies last night.
Upon arriving home, I saw the package on the front porch that I had been expecting all day. I don't know if I had mentioned this before, so here's a little background. About a month ago, I ordered a new King Sized Rustic Log Headboard for our new King Sized bed. It came a couple of weeks later, but both the side posts were defective. Not only were they split, end to end, but they were clearly not even the same wood as the rest of the headboard.
I called the next morning and they promised to send replacements out on Monday (the call was on Friday) and I would have them by the 15th or 16th. When I still hadn't received them by the end of the day the 16th, I called again. The response I got was less than encouraging. "Well, our shipping guy has been out this last little while...." So, what? You just don't bother shipping my order, and you don't even have the courtesy over a week and a half to let me KNOW they haven't shipped? They promised to get them out by the end of the week (which happened last Friday) and send me a tracking number.
Well, they arrived yesterday. I opened them immediately. Do you think I was happy?
So, I called that very moment and when "Jordan" answered the phone and asked how I was, my response was "Well, Jordan, I'm not very happy right now". After telling her I was ready to ship the whole caboodle back and get a refund, she promised to get it right this time, and that I would have two more posts by the middle of next week. I'm so sick of this. I let her know, in no uncertain terms, just how sick of this I am. This is their last chance, and I'm not even happy I agreed to let them have it. I'll keep you updated.

SO, on a more positive note - Ginny is coming out tonight! YAY! One of my bestest friends in the world is coming to spend the weekend with me and have fun doing girl stuff. For the occasion, I started a batch of garlic and chive yogurt cheese this morning.
Look at all the yummy chives from my garden (It was no fun trying to find them amongst the wet weeds and snip them off this morning in the dark, either.)
I've posted about this before, but it just looked so pretty this morning that I couldn't resist posting pictures again. SO good. And, good FOR you! We'll be snacking away on it tomorrow night.
So, if you don't hear any more from me today, and you see a story on the news about a furniture store in Utah being set on fire....suspected arson....well, you'll know where I've been. But in the meantime, have a great day!

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Ann Marie said...

Mmmm...tell us new readers more about this yogurt garlic and chive cheese. Sounds absolutely delish.