Monday, September 22, 2008

"No-Sew" Weekend

Well, ok, so much for my motivation to get my quilt finished.
It was another one of those hodge-podge weekends where many small things got accomplished, but nothing noticeable enough to make me feel like I was useful.
Friday after work, I got to go to Scrapbook Night, and although I didn't get as far as I had planned, it was still a good dent. I continued along that theme yesterday afternoon and now I only have a few minor details to finish to get Ty's book current again. However, at the same time, I have NEW pictures from this weekend to crop, as well as activities over the next few weekends that will also provide new pages to complete, so I really need to get that done.
Saturday, Ty and I went to his first Soccer Camp. It was just an hour long introduction to soccer for young'uns who aren't old enough to play on the kids' leagues here in town. This could have gone either way, either with him loving it, or turning into his alter-ego "Spawn of Satan". What do you think?
Are you lovin' the pee-wee sized shin pads? I am.
In between all the tiny jobs I did this weekend, we attended the Fall Festival, which is basically a craft fair at the local Historical Society, but it also includes and antique tractor show and other such fun activities. This is where T dropped off Grandpa's tractor Friday. Also, Great-Grandpa's Allis-Chalmers was in the show and we have pictures of that as well, naturally.
Other than that, and cleaning the oven (what a chore!) it was a fairly uneventful weekend. I am hoping that I can finish the last tidbits of Ty's book tomorrow so that I can start organizing the new pictures as they come in. There is likely to be another post tomorrow, with pictures, as T is attending "Bring a Friend" night at his favorite little girl's tumbling class, at her request. My little stud muffin. Can't wait to see that!


NV said...

Girl, you are in SO much trouble. And he's still so little.

As for scrapbooking, you can't malign yourself for not being caught up. I'm still doing 2005.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey there!! Thanks for stopping by by blog! Your little guy is a cutie. I read your profile and love the idea of living in a 100 yr old school house. It sounds so quaint and charming!!!!!!