Monday, September 29, 2008

Cooking like fools

When Ginny and I get together, there is never any doubt that we'll spend a large chunk of time in the kitchen, and this weekend was no exception. She brought with her several ideas for food, and nearly a bushel of apples. So, we started with a batch of applesauce. Then we made two LARGE apple crisps (one of which my co-workers are enjoying as we speak). We broke out the garlic chive cheese I made (which turned out very lemony this time around, I might add),
and, courtesy of the farmers market, we made oxtail braised in soy and red wine, broccolini with red peppers (from my garden) and jus from the oxtail. Soooooo good! Also at the market, we picked up this gorgeous artisan cranberry orange goat cheese.
Sunday, we raided the garden. It was my intention to pull all the remaining basil from the garden this weekend and turn it into pesto. However, there was so MUCH basil, that we only got through about half of it. By the time we got done plucking leaves from the first batch, we decided that was enough for one day. We thought this was very picture-worthy.
It turned into this lovely pesto, of which we have quite a bit, but I still need to try and make another batch this weekend and use what's left in the garden.


Anne said...

I never want to be in a cooking contest against you, but anytime you want to toss down a pesto gauntlet, then game on! :)

Ty'sMommy said...

I can't WAIT to come out and cook for you! As for the pesto, I will give you that one. :)
I have to make another huge batch this weekend again before it freezes, too!