Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Trifecta, and I'm not talking about horses

I'm sure you've all been seeing the same commercials as I have for KFC's new Grilled Chicken. It looks tasty, no? I've been thinking so, anyway. The closest KFC to me, however, is 20 minutes away from my office, which takes an entire lunch hour, round-trip, so we rarely go.
BUT. Today is my Friday, and I've been wanting to Redbox a particular movie for Ginny and I to watch, and the only local copy is in the same town as aforementioned KFC. So, naturally, being the beautiful "Friday" that it is, that called for a lunch time road trip.
Walking into KFC, I was a bit concerned about the number of people flocked around the door. After all, I am on a schedule here. I am promptly accosted by (albeit, quite nicely) a woman with a clipboard.
"I apologize for blocking the door, we're doing a taste test today of a new product and we were wondering if you'd like to participate."
A la Jerry McGuire, I'm thinking, "You had me at hello". Taste test? New Product? You're speaking my language.
"The tasting and corresponding survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, and when you are done, we will give you $10 in KFC Coupons to use today or during another visit."
You're gong to give me money? Cuz, yeah, I was here to buy anyway, so that works for me. Where do I sign?
So, I sit down, and they are clearly taking this quite seriously. They even presented me with a Saltine and a glass of water and asked that I take a bite and a sip to cleanse my palate.
I fill out the first part of my survey (the "pre-taste" section) regarding the "concept" sheet they showed me, and other facts about the yet unseen sample. At this point, I am presented with my sample....a FULL SIZE sandwich, which I am told I can eat as little or as much of as I want, and either discard or take the rest with me. Free food? Ok, we're officially hit the trifecta. I was expecting a little condiment cup with a bite size portion of the product to test.
I wanted to snap a picture of the sandwich, but didn't get the chance, and I couldn't find one online anywhere, so I guess you'll just have to settle for a description.
The new Honey BBQ Crunch Chicken Sandwich consists of a sesame seed bun with a breaded boneless chicken breast (Original Recipe, I presume) topped with the Honey BBQ Chicken topping, which is a pulled chicken and barbeque sauce mixture. The sauce was a touch tangy for my personal tastes, but overall the sandwich was tasty, and I brought the rest of mine back to work with me to eat.
But back to my purpose for the visit. The new KFC GRILLED chicken.
I was pleased with my selection. I got the 10 piece grilled chicken meal with 2 large sides and 4 biscuits (no, I'm not eating this all for lunch, its going home with me for supper tonight) for $16.99, $10 of which was paid for with my new KFC money, courtesy of the taste test. And the verdict on the chicken? Quite yummy! I know, I can grill chicken on my own perfectly well, but this was moist and tender, and employs the famous KFC herbs and spices throughout. I will definitely order it again (well, next time I get to a KFC, which isn't often, anyway).
So there you go, the Trifecta of food fun (in my personal opinion) and some delish grilled, I'm full....I need a nap.....


NV said...

Wow! That's awesome. Glad to hear it's good stuff. The mother and I were just talkin' about it. Guess we'll have to try some.

David said...

Excellent! Good for you. I used the "Oprah" coupon a couple of times for the grilled chicken and honestly, had the exact opposite experience you did. My folks had it and loved it. Maybe the SoCal store I visited both times just sucked at the new recipe.