Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the Lighter Side of Chicken Parmesan

As many of you know, I am a shameless planner, list maker, and organizer (though you'd never know it to look at my house), and I generally plan all of our meals for the week on Saturday, with a trip to the grocery on Sunday to stock up. I was a day behind schedule this week because I chose to clean my carpets this weekend and work in my garden instead of worry about the food I'd be putting on the table for the next week.

After a quick trip to the store after work last night, I now have a fridge and freezer, stocked and prepared for the week (and part of the weekend - more on that to come).

On the menu last night? Chicken Parmesan.

This dish definitely makes the hubs' Top Ten list of dishes he looks forward to seeing on the menu. Easy to make, and even though its not terribly figure-friendly, I definitely don't mind eating it, either.


I did really well with our Biggest Loser Challenge at work over the last 15 or so weeks, and had officially dropped 12 pounds by the time I left for Baltimore a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon when I got back from that trip, and apparently, landed on my ass....hard.

So, back on the wagon this week again, I decided that I could still make Chicken Parmesan for the hubs last night without depriving myself by going a little lighter.

I started by breading three of the four chicken breasts that I had pounded out, and dredging the fourth only slightly in flour to help the outside crisp a bit.
(imagine a lovely picture here of all four pieces of chicken, some breaded, one not. You know, but not blurred like the inebriated vision of a college student, because that's what the picture I took looks like, and I wasn't even drinking!)

In separate pans, I fried Matt's chicken, and sauteed mine until it was golden and lovely, and almost cooked through.
After topping all of the chicken with marinara, I piled them high with shredded mozzarella, except mine, which I piled high with fresh baby spinach and then topped lightly with mozzarella.
Putting lids on both pans, I popped them in the oven to help the cheese along in the melting process, and voila! A little bit of lovely pasta on the side with fresh shaved parmesan, and its a dish worthy of a queen....and hopefully it will leave my wounded butt in peace.
In the queue for tonight? Beef and Noodles. Stay tuned!

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NV said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I, too, am returning to the same wagon after shedding several pounds last summer and fall and keeping it off ... until February. Since then, managed to gain most of it back!

That sure looks delish! And I love beef and noodles, too.