Friday, May 8, 2009


Yes, it is that time again! My girl Ginny is coming for a visit, which can mean a lot of things, depending on the visit, but one thing that is always present, is FOOD. Last time she came out, we attended a cooking class called STEER ME TO THE BEST STEAK, and it was woooooonderful.

This time, we'll be going back to the same place as last time, but for a different genre of cooking, if you will. Here is the class description:

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: NAPA WINE CELLAR "Christie creates a unique evening for the girls, with a menu from her favorite part of the country, and all paired with Napa wines. Enjoy Humboldt Fog blue cheese en croute with fig-walnut compote, roasted garlic-crab tart on wilted arugula, apple-rhubarb-stuffed pork roast with white wine-glazed shallots, plus buttermilk shortcakes with macerated berries and ricotta cream."

You may notice a theme starting with these classes, as they both have heavily involved wine....well, food just isn't food, unless you have wine to go with it. Last time, there were a couple of other stops we wanted to make while we were in St Louis, but didn't have time. So this time, we'll be tacking a couple of other tidbits to the menu!

The Schlafly Brewery is located in St Louis and conducts hourly tours of their facilities on Saturdays (they have a delicious Oatmeal Stout) and also has a restaurant on site. And just around the corner from the brewery? Penzey's spices. Mmmmm.... where I plan to pick up a package of their Prime Rib Rub, which, among other things, is absolutely fabulous in a Bloody Mary (one of my all time favorite cocktails).

So, all of this will be taking place next Saturday, and I can't wait to fill you all in!

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