Friday, May 1, 2009

Ahoy there, Mateys!

My son is four years old. That being said, I could not have asked for a more well-behaved child on our trip to Baltimore this past week. He was a trooper. He handled the drive to St Louis, time in the airport, the plane ride to Baltimore, a solid five days away from home, and the return trip not only with grace, but also with flair. Yes, he was such an adorable little gem of a boy, that even other passengers on the plan were commenting on how well behaved he was. Don’t get me wrong, he did have his moments over the course of the trip, but overall, we couldn’t have asked for much better. Among the other various activities we found while we were there, we spent one day at the harbor, touring the USS Constellation (a civil war ship) and the National Aquarium, where Ty got to “participate” in the dolphin show, which he is still talking about. Here are a few pictures to demonstrate the level of his cuteness.
Ty and his Auntie Anne in front of the USS Constellation. I really, REALLY wanted to post more pics of her, because we took some nice shots together, but I figured she'd kill me for showing off her beautiful pregnant belly.
Yes, that is a crab on my son's head.....but isn't it sweet?
AAaarrrghh! This wheel is hard to turn!
What NOT to do when you come across a cannon.....
Ty testing out the hammocks on the lower deck of the Constellation, making cute little fake snoring noises while Grandpa pushed him back and forth.
" Look, mommy, its NEMO!!!!"
There are no words, he was just in awe of the sharks.
"It was THIS BIG!" He spotted the crocs right away.... and knew the difference between them and the gators!

All in all, it was a fun day, with a lunch break at La Tasca, a Spanish Tapas restaurant where I introduced my family to some traditional Spanish treats.

We can't wait to see them all again in July - plus a new member of the family, my niece! Ok, sorry sister, I couldn't resist including ONE picture...and you look FABULOUS, so hush!


David said...

Anne ... you do look fabulous. Glad to see/read that everybody had a good time. :-)

Kelly Williams said...

You guys BOTH look fabulous!

Anne said...

Hey - you can send the pics to me if they are good. :) I love the crab hat!!