Monday, October 13, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah and more Blah.

Ok, so this weekend wasn't BAD, per se, just BLAH. Friday I had the day off for my, ahem, annual. I know as women, we don't look forward to these things, but I always try to make the best of it. For example, I start by scheduling it on a Friday morning. Then I use that as an excuse to take the whole day off. Now, my doctor is in Springfield. I used to go to Springfield about every other weekend, but with the price of gas trying to give me a nosebleed, I rarely go anymore, and definitely not without a good reason. SO, I made my list and ran around town all day while my son was at school. As an extra bonus, you ladies are not going to believe this. My appointment was at 8:45. I arrived about 10 minutes ahead and had barely even sat down when I got called back. Sitting in the driveway, waiting to pull back out into traffic, I looked at the clock. 8:58. How's THAT for service???? So, that left me with the entire day to work on my list. I did really well, too, finding almost everything I had jotted down, plus a few items. I ate lunch at my favorite Thai place. Sorry, I meant to take a picture, but I just couldn't take the time before I dug in! Got one complete Christmas present purchased, too! Getting back to town, I picked up Ty and found out he'd had a bad day at school. Unfortunately, I had already promised to take my nephew for the evening, so I couldn't effectively punish him for being rotten at school. Since I had already made the plans to do so, I took the boys to see IGOR, which opened at our small town movie theatre Friday night. I have to say....not really a good movie. Not impressed at all. Saturday, it was soccer for 3 year-olds again! And, as expected, Ty was ROTTEN. Again. What a miserable hour. We spent a little time with the MIL afterward and went home for a nap. While T was napping, I got the headboard stained. Ooops! I guess I forgot to mention that the new (3rd set) of replacement posts arrived Friday in, we'll say, acceptable condition. Not great, but I am SO tired of fighting them, so, they'll do. Anyway, I got them stained, but first, I spent over an hour on them with the palm sander because they had so many tooth marks in them from the machine used on them. Terrible. I thought I had them sanded down, but you can still see them through the stain. I started bolting the pieces together yesterday but discovered I am going to need a ratchet to finish the job. The hubs said he'd need to get me one. I took that to mean, borrow one from someone. I had really hoped to get the headboard on the bed this weekend. This morning I ask my husband "What size ratchet do I need for that, so I can borrow one from someone today?" He looked at me funny, and said, "well, I have one in the garage..." Ok, pardon my french, but, JACKASS! You couldn't have told me that YESTERDAY? Or, even better, walked your happy ass out there and gotten it for me so I could have this DONE? Apparently not. Does every little thing have to be like pulling teeth with him? So, he said he'd get it tonight, and then I need to get the drill charge up because the posts do not have holes pre-drilled for mounting it to the bed frame. *sigh* I wish I had remembered to put it on charge this it may be tomorrow before I get it done. Oh well, in any case, here's a picture, partially done.

Sunday was breakfast at Grandma's, as usual, and then home to do...well.....not much of anything. I worked on the scrapbook I am making for the niece's baby shower next month, but other than that I accomplished the difficult task of disposing of a few glasses of wine....
Around 6:00, the SIL called and said our farmer was taking the beans out. I know this doesn't mean anything to most of you, but to us, it translates to "Come over quick and maybe Ty can take a ride on the COMBINE!"
So, we did,
Unfortunately, they were just breaking for the night when we got there, so, no ride. But, we did get to go up in it! Ty had a blast.

So, for an unproductive weekend, it wasn't all bad.

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NV said...

That headboard is lookin' good.

What's up with the hubs? I'd have had to wap him one! ;-) That's one of the beautiful things about having my own tools. I don't have to borrow stuff very often.