Saturday, July 19, 2008

Progress Report 1

The husband left for work bright and early this morning at 5:12am, Right on schedule. I seriously considered crawling back into bed and reconsidering the whole thing. Last night, while discussing possible gift ideas for his mother, he spoke these words. "if you went and changed something about the house that I didn't want changed, I'd be really pissed off." CRAP. I sure hope there's nothing in the bathroom that he is particularly attached to. So far this morning:

1. I removed everything from the bathroom that wasn't nailed down
2. Brought all the supplies in from their hiding spot in the trunk of my car, laid down newspaper and organized them in the kitchen.
3. Took down the curtain rod.
4. Upon closer inspection of the shower curtain rod, I decided that good ol' WD40 wasn't going to do the trick and it was going to have to be replaced. So, add one extra item to the list and I'll pick that up when I go to town later today. Also on the list, a few more towels so they all match.
5. Removed existing shower curtain and rod.
6. Currently I am reading the instructions for the new showerhead. I am trying to accomplish anything I can that doesn't make noise early on, as Little Man is still asleep just down the hall. More updates to come!

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