Thursday, July 17, 2008

A "Fairly" Good Time

So, last night was our second night at the fair this year, and already T knows exactly where his favorite ride is. Unfortunately, the rides don't open until 6:00 and we went straight from work rather than drive all the way home just to turn around and come back. So we had to wander the exhibit halls for a bit, and went by to meet his new teacher again while he was still in a reasonably pleasant mood.
Then I had the brilliant idea that I needed to take him up the giant inflatable slide. I thought he would really enjoy that, I mean, he LOVES slides.
Dear god, what a stupid idea that was.
The steps going up the slide are also inflatable, which meant that T couldn't climb them on his own. I could have, but I wouldn't have been able to climb them and carry him up at the same time. So, picture me, still in my clothes from work, in the 100 degree heat, climbing barefoot up an inflatable slide, clutching the hand strap with one hand, holding T alternately under one armpit or under his butt with the other hand, and trying to get to the top while a little kid in a hurry behind me bumps his head into my rear with every step. So, we get to the top, and T has had enough. He throws himself down on the landing right next to the carnie who is about 15 and half drunk, and proceeds to scream at me. "I NOT! Don't LIKE it! NO NO NO NO!!!" And flailing his little fists in my general direction while the carnie looks on in shock and amusement. So, patient mother that I am (not), I unceremoniously scoop up the little demon spawn, fling myself down at the top of the slide, toss him on my lap, and bouncing down the slide we go! We get off at the bottom where Aunt Missy is happily waiting for us with the camera, having witnessed the entire blessed event, and he dashes directly back to the steps again. I was right....he loved it.....and we went up again....god help me.
Thank God for Aunt MIssy, who took pitty on this poor, sweaty, worn out mommy, and sent me off to the beer tent for refreshment while she took him for a couple of spins on the motorcycle ride. We are NOT going back. Ok, yes, we probably will, but we are most definitely not doing the slide again until next year when he can climb it himself. But, its the end result that matters, right? How's this for a happy boy?

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I'm Just a Girl said...

LMAO! I might have spent the rest of the evening in the beer tent after that!