Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nothing more annoying than an italian girl, all full of herself

Or at least that's probably what my husband would tell you after I walked around the house all night, grinning from ear to ear, saying things like "Aren't you impressed?", and "I'm so proud of myself".
Yep, that's right! The chairs are finished!!!! I had to take T home at 10:30 yesterday because he was throwing up at the sitter's house. Apparently it was just a little bug, something he needed to get out, because he felt much better by the time we got home. (typical, right?) Which meant, of course, that I had time to work on stuff! Yay! So, after a couple of blisters, and a whole lot of wood screws (not to mention some help from my very tool-savvy toddler) we have two pretty new chairs to sit in on our ugly old deck. Hmmm.....guess that's a project for my "someday" list.


I'm Just a Girl said...

Birds of a feather my dear! I do the exact same thing when I've done something to make myself proud. :D LOVE the chairs! I can't wait to see them in person!

NV said...

Hey, those are great! Nice work.
Definitely something to be proud of. And you've got the pix to prove it! :-)