Friday, July 11, 2008

93 degrees fahrenheit and rising....

It is a hot, muggy and disgusting day here in Illinois and I just spent my lunch hour running around town picking up supplies for my upcoming projects.

On the agenda:

This weekend I hope to stain the slats for my adirondack chairs. (In between thunderstorms.) I had the stain already, but I picked up some new brushes. Also, a jaunt down to Joesphine's for lunch and a stop at the bead store. I've been having so much fun with the new necklaces I made last weekend, I need more supplies!

I had hoped to remodel my bathroom this weekend, but I haven't been able to get the blinds locally. Rather than order them, I hope to hit Lowe's on Sunday when I am in Alton. So, the bathroom will wait until.....

Next weekend, hopefully. I now have in my possession, Paint (color: "Starry Night"), brushes, roller pads, blue tape, new rugs, new showerhead (which will wait for Dad's next visit since I don't do plumbing), new shower curtain.

Also picked up two new light fixtures for the storage cubbies in my bedroom. Dad's making a visit soon and has new doors to install there, so I thought we might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Also on Dad's agenda:
(yes, the man loves projects, if you wonder where I get it from, and I am not begrudging the help)
  • door frames for 3 storage cubbies, for which I need to make a LOT of tin punched panels
  • door (which I need to paint still) for the laundry room, also known as "the Black Hole of Calcutta"
  • door on my sewing room (which I need to order from the lumber yard tomorrow) are we seeing a "door" theme here?
  • Fix light in previously mentioned "Black Hole"
  • new light fixtures in 2 storage cubbies
  • finish remaining baseboard and trim in house (which I also need to order from the lumber yard tomorrow) I hope to get my hands dirty on this one this time!
  • HEADBOARD! I just got a new King size bed and no headboard. Can't have a footboard because Matt is so honkin' tall, and since our house is very "woodsy" in theme anyway, Dad and I will be forming one from fenceposts. :) Keep an eye out for THOSE pictures!

And if that's not ambitious enough, we're STILL potty training. Ty is doing pretty well. my niece was watching him earlier today and was very excited to report that he went pee for her. Good job, bubbie!

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I'm Just a Girl said...

So, no luck with those chairs yesterday??? With all the projects you have going on, I don't know how you manage to find time to sleep!