Monday, July 28, 2008

Believe it or not, Winter is on the horizon.

And winter, to me, means its quilting season. I was just having a conversation with a friend about the new quilt I have been dying to start, and I really need to get to work on it soon, so I can have it back from the quilter by the time I need it on my bed. We recently upgraded to a king size bed from our queen, and now none of my blankets are big enough, which, naturally, gives me an excuse to make a new quilt. Finally, the one for ME. I never had any luck deciding what I really wanted for my bed, color or pattern, until recently. I am going to be doing a log cabin quilt, in the Barn Raising pattern, and I have some lovely reds, tans, and indigo fabrics picked out for it. It shouldn't take long to put together, once I have time to work on it. So, this is fair warning, once my parents' visit next weekend is over and I have finished all the projects on my list for that visit, my next project is my quilt. You are my witnesses to make me stick to my plan to get it done. It seems whenever I post something on here, I manage to complete it, so hopefully this will work! On that note, the other reason I never made my own quilt was that I was always working on quilts for other people. Because the subject came up, I decided to post some pics of the last few quilts I have done. The first was a gift for my sister. I adore my sister and she is quite an inspiration to me. Yep, Anne, its true. So, when she started talking about how she had all these running t-shirts from college and beyond that she wanted to do something with, I was happy that there was finally something "I" could do for my sister, instead of the other way around.
This is her quilt, which is reversible:

Next, I was approached by my former boss, who had recently lost her mother to PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). She had been visiting her father and cleaning out her mother's closet, and he had a particularly hard time parting with some of her clothes. This is the quilt I made for her and her siblings to give to their father in December:

Finally, I began a quilt (yes, for myself, but not for my bed) that I had been wanting to make for years. I had so many shirts from my fraternity days in Alpha Phi Omega, and I really don't wear t-shirts, but they are so special to me. So, I made this:

And now I am officially burned out on t-shirt quilts. My next quilt will be completely different! I can't wait to finish it so I can show it to you!


NV said...

WINTER! Yikes! Perish the thought.

Those quilts, however, are AWESOME! What a wonderful way to preserve history and make a great gift. Kinda like a scrapbook you can wrap up in!

Ty'sMommy said...

Thank you! I love a good quilt. Its a memory you get to look at all the time.