Monday, November 3, 2008

Attention all you Stealth Readers!

Yep, you know who you are....the ones out there reading my blog and thinking I don't know you're doing it!

Well, thanks. Seriously, its so cool to me that you are reading my posts.

But you know what? I'd looooooove some comments occasionally. Yes, I'm talking to you, Tom. Well, ok, BOTH of you, Toms.... And David......and my own DAD!!!

Come on, I know you guys have something to say....lemme have it! It really brightens my morning when I log on and read all the cool comments. Humor it an early Christmas present.


Anne said...

I'm reading, yo.

NV said...

Merry Christmas! :-)
(from one of your non-stealth regular readers)

Tom W. said...

You called me out on your blog? By name? Wow. OK, you got it. From now on I'll try to give you the attention you so desperately need. :)

Ty'sMommy said...

Thanks, everyone! And yes, you, Tom....I called you out!!! And just because that's how I roll...I am following YOU now!

David said...

Thank you for making me feel guilty that I haven't checked in at all this week ... until now that is :-)