Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank you, Rachel Ray!

With the freezer trying to die on us, I’m trying to use up some things that are in there. One of the many wonderful things about Girl Scout cookies is that they freeze very well, so when I order, I always get a few extra boxes and put them straight into the freezer. Well, a while back, I found a recipe from Rachel Ray that we all just loooooove, and it is super easy. I’m starting to sense a theme with the recipes in my blog….very easy, but very good. So, I made a batch of these cookies yesterday to send to work with the hubs. Don’t they look yummy?

These cookies are really just a step up, difficulty-wise, from the ready made cookies from Nestle that you just drop on a sheet and bake, but oooh so much tastier. Especially if you love Thin Mints....and I do.

First, just to make removal easier, I line a sheet pan with wax paper.
Then, open a LARGE tube (24 ounces, I think) of store bought cookie dough and crumble it all over the pan.
Next take and entire box of Thin Mint cookies (my batch was short about 3, thanks to the tiny little cookie monster in my kitchen), break (or cut) them in pieces and scatter them on top of the dough.
It should look something like this:

Then, gently press the dough down onto the pan, moving the cookie bits around so they are evenly spread out. It might seem like you're not going to have enough, but trust me, press enough, and you will.

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, or just until the dough gets a little puffy and golden, like so:

Let them cool completely. This is going to be hard, because right about now, your whole house smells like a nice, warm, Thin Mint.
While they are cooling, melt some white chocolate. I think Rachel's recipe says to use some white chocolate chips, but since I always have almond bark in the pantry, I break off 2 cubes of white almond bark and put it in a glass bowl with a couple tablespoons of milk and microwave it about 20 seconds at a time until its nice and smooth.
Then drizzle the white chocolate all over the pan.

Then, you gotta let them sit again until the drizzle sets or you'll get it all over yourself. Cut them into pieces and you have Heaven in a bar.
Grandpa is going to be very happy to see me, today.
Rachel's recipe also only uses half these ingredients. Meaning, she makes a 9x13 pan, using a small tube of cookie dough, and only one sleeve of Thin Mints, but come on. Trust me when I tell you, its not enough. I barely have enough making a FULL sheet pan!

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I'm Just a Girl said...

I bet these would be good while still warm topped with some vanilla ice cream...mmmmmmm