Monday, March 2, 2009

In other news….

The main reason for Ginny’s visit this weekend was to complete a rather large jewelry project that has been in the planning stages since her last visit.
See, there is a bead store in my area that will take your dried flowers (from a funeral, or a wedding, etc.) and turn them into beads that you can turn into wearable memories (aka, jewelry). They also provide the jewelry making service (for a fee), but yeah, like I’m not going to make my own? I have had this done with funeral flowers for both myself and my SIL, so I knew how it worked. When Ginny was here on her last visit, we took her flowers in and ordered what we needed. In the meantime, we ordered the other supplies we would need to go with them and planned to put everything together on the next visit, which was this weekend.
We managed to get everything finished, with a few changes to the original plan/design, except for her own necklace, as we ran short on flower beads. So we will be ordering a few more so that I can finish her necklace and send it to her.
Here are the finished products, which she will be gifting to several family members and friends.
I also managed to get several of my own “in progress” projects completed, including a few necklaces I had been asked to fix for a friend.

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