Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Geeked Out!

Ok, at the risk of over-flattering my MEF, I'm going to do this anyway. I'm so EXCITED!!! MEF is coming to visit on Friday! Syl is my oldest and dearest friend (disclaimer: I do have older friends, and I have friends I've been closer to at certain points in my life, but Syl is different.) and I wouldn't use anything less than the word "soulmate" to describe our bond.
Our lives have always run parallel to each other. even when she was stationed in Japan. Her teenager is my godson, and I take that responsibility more seriously than I can even verbalize. Syl is my confidant, my shoulder to cry on and a brick wall to throw things at when I am at my wit's end. She's the part of me that I wasn't born with. (Awwww I know, she's reading this right now and sticking her lower lip out with her brow all furrowed. Its so cute.) Even though we have spent large chunks of our lives apart, when we get back together, we pick right back up where we left off. We've married, divorced, married again, had children, jobs, tragedies, struggles, and unsurpassed joys, together and apart, and one thing never changes - she is my best friend.

And she's coming to see me Friday! (did I mention that already?) As she told me on the phone yesterday, and I couldn't agree more, "I'm so geeked out about coming to see you!"

Me, too, honey, and I can't wait til you get here!!!


I'm Just a Girl said...

You made my eyes leak! I can't wait to see you this weekend!
Love ya MEF!!!!

NV said...

Awww ... that's too sweet. I'll have to email my MEF! :-)

Have fun, you two. But try to leave the city in tact.