Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twenty Days

That's how long it has been since I posted on my blog. TWENTY days. I feel like such a slacker. Really, I could tell you that I have been so crazy busy with the holidays and everything else that I just haven't had time. And it would be true, but no more true than anyone else's life. So, I guess I'm busted. I'm a slacker.
Today is January 6th. A lot has happened since the last time I posted. We have had Christmas, New Year's, and the hubs' birthday.
Overall, the holidays were good to us. I actually got what I wanted! (for starters) The husband is notoriously bad about ignoring what I ask for because he doesn't think it makes a good gift, or doesn't serve him, in some fashion. But this year, against all odds, he listened. And I have the new sewing machine I have been searching for all these years. Now. Ask me if I've used the blessed thing yet. Yeah. No time.
Ty got an obscene assortment of wonderful gifts that he is still thoroughly enjoying. The best purchase this year, admittedly, was M's idea. Ty's favorite gift, by far, is his new Smart Cycle. And that is great because at least he is doing something other than sit in front of endless episodes of SpongeBob. Unfortunately, because M didn't buy his new big screen, as he planned to, which would have freed up a TV just for Ty's room, the darned thing is taking up space in my bedroom, when the whole idea was to get his movies and other playthings OUT of my bedroom. Ugh.
In OTHER news!!! Yay! My family is coming to see us this weekend. Yep, the WHOLE family. My parents, my sister and brother in law, all arriving this weekend. And I can't wait. I am lucky enough to have parents that are willing to drive out and visit every few months, but Sister lives on the east coast and we rarely see each other. Living in the rural hell that I call home, there is not much to do as far as entertainment, so we'll have to be creative, but I have no doubt we'll have a wonderful time. There will be cooking, beading, and other crafts to keep us occupied.
I hope to have LOTS to blog about after the visit. Hint hint, wink wink....there may be a surprise in store for all my readers. We'll see.
Anyway, sorry I've been such a pathetic non-blogging bum! I'll try to do better in 2009!


NV said...

HEY, you ARE still among us! (If it weren't for the occasional Twitter, I'd say it just wasn't so.)

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Glad Santa was good to everyone. Have fun this weekend. We'll think of you as the MonkeyGirl and I will be at our annual Crop Camp weekend. :-) (You have to come to this once Ty is bigger.)

Kerry said...

We got a Smart Cycle too! At first I was cursing DH's name for coming up with the idea, because Brandon didn't really know how to pedal, and the beeping sound the game makes when he pedals backwards made me want to jump out a window just to get away from it. But within a day or two, he had actually finally learned how to pedal! We're working on steering, now.

MonkeyGirl said...

I was starting to think that you had abandoned us completely! Welcome back...and I can't wait to hear the big surprise (although I have some ideas!)

sewwhat? said...

Yes, I second or third that sentiment, thought you had given up on letting your blogging friends know what is going on. I want to hear about the sewing machine, pedigree, features, etc! Hope you get a chance to enjoy it soon!