Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shoulda been a snow day

Yes, I REALLY should have stayed home today. When I talked to the hubs on his way to work this morning, he didn't seem to think the roads were too bad. I took that as a good sign, since he is usually way too over-protective when it comes to me driving in bad weather (helloooo, I grew up in OHIO, I can drive in the snow, fool!). So, I cleared off the car, which required the use of M's size 12 rubber boots, and got us on the road.
I really, REALLY should have stayed home today.
By the time I was a half mile down the road, I realized that not only did I have no business driving my little compact car on that particular venue, but in my concentrated effort to make sure we had boots, blankets, and whatnot in the car, I left my phone in the house.
Today would no doubt be the day I put the car in the ditch. And, where I live, when there is that much snow on the road, there really is no turning around. You just keep plowing ahead slowly until you make it to the main road or get stuck, whichever comes first. After white-knuckling it the 5 miles to the main road, I got there, just praying that no one would be coming and I could just roll out onto the highway (because you know that there is always that pile of snow right at the end of a road that you don't want to get stopped in). No such luck. I had to stop, and I got stuck. It took quite a bit of rocking and rolling, but I finally made it out so I could drive the other 13 miles to town.
Did I mention that our road commissioner sucks? And that the hubs' tires were the only ones that had cut a path in the snow this morning? Yeah, it was fun.
So, I'm here. I'm not very happy about it, but I'm here.


NV said...

I wondered about you, out there in the middle of nowhere. :-)
Well, at least you're safe and sound. I feel your pain.

MonkeyGirl said...

I don't live in the styx and I too had to follow the hubby's tire tracks out of the subdivision. Glad to here that you made it in ok. I could have stayed home because the main reason I came in for all got cancelled. Drats!