Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Travel Omens? Let's Hope Not....

So, this morning kinda SUCKED a little. To stat with, I had an extra body at my house last night, and that added to the usual morning routine, getting an extra person out of bed, etc.

However, Matt left for work on time, and I proceeded to get showered and prepare for the day. When, at about 5:30, the husband called and sent me scrambling for the phone so as not to wake the two sleeping boys. I answer the phone to this:

"So, I just tore up the Buick."

What? Wait, huh? Yeah, on his way to work, the hubs got blindsided by a deer, about 150 yards from the spot where he hit a deer with the same car about two years ago (with only minor damage).

When I tell people that I deer hunt, they don't quite get it. A girl? Deer hunting? Well, if there was ever a good reason for hunting, this is one.
Despite the hole in the radiator (and the engine that we replaced only 2 years ago), he managed to limp it home to retrieve his truck and get back to work, calling in to the police dispatch to report it on the way. I went out to meet him and take a few pictures of it, and then turned back to the house and stopped dead in my tracks with a resounding, "SHIT!!!"
I wonder how many tires I am going to lose before we find all the screws and nails left in our yard from the siding project.....
Yep, that's MY car. Fortunately it is not one of the new tires I just had put on the front two weeks ago.
It would be a really good day to play hookey and drink all it beer o'clock yet?
(By the way, the insurance company will most likely total the car. Ironic that we just gave his old work car to our niece for her 16th birthday last month....)


Kim said...

Sounds like a pretty rough morning. Sorry to hear they might total the car. That's never really good news. At least your husband and everyone is okay. Sounds like some deer hunting is in order this fall. I hope you have a better day : )

Bev said...

Every time we visit my very small hometown I curse the fact that there is no decent motel within 12 miles because that 12 miles of two-lane country highway is notorious for deer. And driving it late at night after visiting with the family is always a tense trip for us. They are such beautiful animals but such a hazard on the roads where we live and visit.

I am so sorry that this is happening this week which should be so fantastic for you...a beautiful new exterior for your home and the miracle of a new baby which means you now get to share the joys of motherhood with your sister...such amazing gifts!

NV said...

Sucked a LITTLE? I'd say you're understating your morning, dearie! :-)

Just glad the hubs is OK.

MonkeyGirl said...

That is definitely not a good start to the day. I would have stayed home and drank all day - I might even stay home tomorrow and drink in your honor.

Glad to hear that everyone is ok despite the bad start to the day.

ARLENE said...

OMG, I can so relate. Dear SO had taken over my old trusty Buick as a commuter car when I bought a new car. I loved that car and always regretted getting a new Mercury. A deer ran into him and he was lucky enough to be able to get old parts and fix it up only to have it totaled a month later. He bought a new "old" Buick, but it's not the same. Poor you, what a day.