Monday, July 6, 2009


Greetings from Baltimore! Yep, we've got some quiet time this afternoon so I'm catching up on my bloggy subscriptions and thought I'd drop you all a note to let you know that the trip is going fantastically. Linnea is about s precious as she can be, Ty is getting lots of quality time with his grandma and grandpa, and I am getting to cook meals for my sister.

This is a food blog, right? So why is it that I haven't taken a single picture of food since I've been here? Good question. We had a really nice dinner of spicy cilantro shrimp and cold sesame peanut noodles the other night, and the chocolate torte I made for my BIL's birthday yesterday, but not a single shot was saved....and no leftovers either! Last night is was apple and almond stuffed pork chops and a green bean with feta and dill pasta salad. Tonight ts going to be a white pizza with kale and Italian sausage....maybe I'll remember to get my camera out this time.

In any case, Ill be back to my usual bloggerriffic self on Thursday! I already have a couple of posts in store for you, and a lot of pictures to download. See you then!

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Kim said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and had time for great food.