Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something fishy this way comes….

This post is a little belated, as I was completely focused on the fact that my sister gave birth to my beautiful niece, Linnea, Sunday night.

Meanwhile, while we were waiting for the little one to make her entrance to the world…and waiting….and waiting….we went fishing!

We took Ty fishing once last summer, but he wasn’t in the boat for long, and the fish weren’t biting. This time, the hubs’ good friend (also a Matt) invited us over to fish at the pond at the new house he’s building. That man adores my Little Man. He also recently let him shoot his gun off his back deck and was just beaming with pride when Ty didn’t even flinch. So, you could say we were all pretty proud when Ty reeled in one after another Sunday night! Here are a few shots of the action. Daddy and Ty waiting for the "Big One".Ty's first fish ever! A little bass. Fish number two was a pretty little catfish.
Third time is a charm, and Ty reeled in a nice bluegill.

We started off throwing all the fish back, but after seeing how well we were doing, Uncle Matt got a bucket out and we started keeping them. The next night, we all got together at our house for a little fish fry. It was so nice and fresh, even I had some! And you all know I don't like fish!So, all in all, a very good night. Ty fell asleep on the way home, and mama got a little sun. Ahhh... good times.


David said...

Looks delicious! Way to go Ty. Remind me not to let you guys borrow my car Deer Hunter.

Safe travels. Please give my best to Anne

Kim said...

Awww!! Your little guy looks so cute sitting in his chair with his sunglasses on. Such a little man : )

Bev said...

Wow...your's is the first entry at the Tyler Florence Fridays blog today...CONGRATS!!!!

Have a great visit with your Sis and new niece.

Natashya said...

What a great day for your family. Your little one is adorable.

ARLENE said...

What a cutie! I don't eat fish either, but that breading probably would make it very enjoyable!