Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day, Daddy!

Here is Little Man with his Valentine’s Day gift for his Daddy. (my mother will get a kick out of this picture)
There is kind of an inside joke about the frog. We have no idea where the little booger came up with this, but he has a game he plays with Daddy every night when he gets home from work.
See, there are frogs in the bathroom (apparently), and he hollers and begs until Daddy will go “frog hunting” and get the big frog. So, Daddy goes in the bathroom and shuts the door, and WHAM! A frog gets him!!! Oh, Save me, Ty! HEEEEEELP! The frog is getting me!!!!! And VOILA! Ty comes to the rescue and pulls Daddy out of the evil frog’s clutches (aka, the bathroom), and all is well in the world once more.

Ok, my son is THREE. There is no frog in the bathroom, but it sure is a fun game for him to play with Daddy after a long day (although Daddy might tell a different version of this story). Well, when my family was out for a visit and Mom and I were at Walmart picking up a few things, we came across this enormous stuffed frog in the Valentines Day section for $10. Mom said I should get it (cuz if you’ve ever witnessed this game in action, you’d think so, too), but I said no.

I went back a couple of weeks ago and there was that frog, staring me in the face, saying “take me hoooooome”. So, I did. And we hid him and saved the surprise. Then, for Valentine’s Day, I secreted the froggy away in the bathroom, until the game commenced….and boy was it hysterical when Daddy went in the bathroom and found a REAL froggy waiting for him! The game went on forever that night.

So here you go Grandma. A picture of your happy little froggy.

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NV said...

Wow! he's grown since Christmas.

too cute!