Sunday, January 13, 2013

Craft Counseling

Crafting can sometimes be like marriage. As much as you love your creations, sometimes they need a Just like in marriage, occasionally, what was once wonderful.. may need adjusting, tweaking....counseling.

About a year ago, I posted this piece on my new entertainment center.
I love my entertainment center. I do. I adore it. It is the centerpiece of my living room. However, my son also loves his Wii. And since the TV in his room is tiny, he plays in the living room. And since there is a lot of drawers in the entertainment center, that is where we store his games, accessories, and Skylander characters. Which means, of course, that the drawers frequently get left open. I didn't consider this possibility when I was painting the drawers, mainly because I was in a rush to get the project completed while the husband was gone for the day (this seems to be a recurring theme in my crafting life). And so, the ancient piece was left with bare wood on the insides of the drawers. No big deal, right? After all, it was that way to begin with.... and who is going to be looking at the INSIDES of the drawers?

Well, when your son leaves them open all the time, EVERYONE will be.

Around this time, I found THIS pin on Pinterest (the pin didn't actually link up to anything, so I am only including the picture. I would hate to send you off on a wild goose chase).

I thought it was cute, but really, couldn't see a use for it in my home. Then my wonderful friend Sylvia pinned it and I asked her what she was going to do with it. Well, a year or so ago, we did a remodel on her daughter's bedroom, painting the walls purple. And her idea was to paint the insides of her dresser drawers to match. What a cute idea, right? I can totally see that working in a little girl's bedroom, but still had no inspiration for MY house.
Finished product!
Well.... can you say "Duh"? Yeah, OBVIOUSLY my entertainment center needs help. So, I picked up paint chips, chose a favorite, and waited for a day the hubs would be gone. I even went a step further and paid the extra money for the Paint + Primer in one. I figured it would save me time, right? No. Possibly it was an unavoidable result with such old, thirsty wood, but I ended up having to slather on FOUR coats of paint and touchups as well in order to get decent coverage on the sides of the drawers. The insides definitely leave something to be desired since I was running out of paint and wasn't about to leave the drawers half done and sitting on the dining room table when the hubby got home. He already hates the entertainment center enough (yes, STILL), so I wasn't about to give him another excuse. I called the project "close enough" and put everything back together. Overall, I like the result...and after all, no one is going to be looking at the INSIDES of the drawers, right? RIGHT??

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Bev said...

Neither we nor any of our friends who have used it have been able to avoid multiple coats of paint by spending the extra $$ for Paint + Primer in One. I don't think we will use it again.