Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lamb Chops with Balsamic Pomegranate Sauce

There are times when I think something is just meant to be.

There are signs.

It is FATE.

Fate intervened recently when I was leisurely (yes, I said “leisurely” because I did not have my child with me and was enjoying some pure, unadulterated shopping ALONE time) browsing the ethnic food section at my favorite mega-mart, and I discovered a bottle of Pomegranate Sauce (fortunately those two words were in English because the rest of the bottle was covered in foreign looking symbols...). It was more than I would usually pay for a condiment, but I splurged.

Later that week, when planning our visit, Ginny called me from Sam’s.

“Hey, you want to make lamb chops?”

Well, color me HAPPY!

Lamb chops? Seriously? Do you have ANY idea how rarely lamb makes an appearance in my shopping routine?

Naturally, I did a little bloggy research (also known as running a search on Tastespotting) and discovered that the idea of combining pomegranate and lamb really appealed to me.

How convenient.

Ginny arrived, as planned, with a lovely little package of the tiniest lamb chops I have ever seen. They just made me start singing in my head, “Ohhhh Lambs Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats, and Little Lambs Eat Ivy....”

Yes, I know, I have issues.

This recipe is so simple, its barely a recipe. I suppose if I hadn’t found the sauce, I could have reduced some pomegranate juice and built on it from there, but, lucky me, FATE was on my side.

Lamb Chops with Balsamic Pomegranate Sauce
Season your lamb chops with salt and pepper on all sides.

Sear the chops in a hot skillet on all sides, and cook until medium to medium rare.
Mix together 1 TB good balsamic vinegar and 3 TB prepared pomegranate sauce.

Drizzle sauce over lamb chops.... and revel in it.

We served these precious little gems with some polenta. They were so tiny it was not unlike eating chicken wings, about a bite of meat on either side of the T-bone.


So, if fate should shine down on you, and you find lamb chops and pomegranate sauce all in the same week....don’t question it, just cook it.

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Catherine said...

Fate was definitely on my side when hubby brought home a lamb roast and I discovered a Pomegranate Balsamic Sauce the same day! Roast lamb on the spit with a gorgeous Pom-balsamic sauce, and I added fresh Pom seeds, too! Luscious is the word!