Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just like Christmas

So often, when browsing for recipes, I run across a site that really grabs my attention.

Such was the case recently when I ran across Steph Chows blog. Let me just tell you how excited I was when I read about her 2nd Annual JAM Exchange! Yep, that’s right. I signed up right away and got paired up with Cathy from The Bread Experience.

The idea of the jam exchange is that you get paired up with another participant and you each send each other two jars of homemade jam. How fun is that?

I had a blast making several batches of jam this year, although a few just simply refused to set up. I sent Cathy a jar of my Blackberry Shiraz, and one of my Mango HabaƱero. After making the Blueberry Lavender, I couldn’t resist including a jar of that as well.

I got my box in the mail as quickly as I could, and, wouldn’t you know it? My box and Cathy’s both arrived at our respective homes on the same day! I was delighted to open the little treasure in my mailbox and found three jars of jam as well. Peach Lavender Jam (funny that we both used lavender, huh?), Canteloupe Preserves with Cinnamon, and Cherry Preserves.
I can’t wait to try all three! I had a ton of fun and you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye out for the exchange again next year!


stephchows said...

ooo they look delicious!! and what you sent her sounds amazing too!!

Kim said...

I love receiving food gifts in the mail like this. How Fun! I lot cantaloupe but have never heard of cantaloupe preserves. That would be fun to try!