Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its International Bacon Day! And a Very Special Announcement!

Ladies and gentlemen, today is International Bacon Day, and all over the country, there are Bacon-paloozas waiting to happen. In honor of this very special occasion, I have an announcement to make.
I have been running my little blog here for the last two years. I love my blog....but....something is missing.
(Isn't that just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

I’ve decided that I need something more in my life....something.....smoky.

(Oh come on.... you know you wanna try it....)


And so it shall be. I am announcing the birth of my NEW blog:

The Bacon Games

I will be hosting this site for the next six months. During this time, I encourage you all to spread the word. There will be posting. There will be roundups. And, yes, there will even be PRIZES.

Every month, you will have the opportunity to create a bacon-rich dish, post it on your own blog, and then send me the information (official rules to follow). At the end of each month, I will publish a roundup of all submissions and they will be judged.

Pay attention, this is where it gets good.
(Oooops! Wrong Bacon...)

I will not be doing the judging. Oh, no. I have enlisted the participation of some very special guest judges, whose identities I will reveal at the beginning of each month.

Once the announcement is published, you will have until the end of the month to submit your entry to me. The dish can be anything you choose (entrĂ©e, appetizer, beverage, dessert....) as long as it has bacon in it. (Also acceptable are bacon fat, or other bacon-flavored ingredients, like Bakon vodka, Bacon Salt, etc.) You may play to the judges’ fancies.... put a spin on your dish that will most appeal to that month’s judge’s proclivities. Do anything you feel WIN. (okay, one rule, keep it clean. I am all for implications, hints, and even food porn. But no graphic images or actual porn, please. It WILL be deleted.) All is fair in love and Pork Fat.
(Heeeeere piggy, piggy, piggy....)

Everything clear so far?

Ok. At the end of the month, I will post a roundup of all the submissions and the judges will then peruse those entries and choose the winner...on whatever basis they see fit.

Why give them so much power, you may ask? Because they are providing PRIZES. Bacon-licious prizes. Prizes you are going to covet when you forget to get your entry in by the deadline and your bloggy friend wins. (And yes, I will send a reminder a couple of days before each deadline.)

Now, what are you going to do?

I’ll tell you what you’re going to do.
(Who ever said a salad had to be healthy....)

You’re going to get yourself over to The Bacon Games and become a follower so that you won’t miss the first announcement, coming soon! Don’t forget to grab a badge from the sidebar and pass it on to your friends.

Let the Games begin!


girlichef said...


scrambledhenfruit said...

I can smell bacon cooking!

Joanne said...

This sounds awesome chica! I am SO getting involved. My life needs more bacon as well (although one could argue that my hips don't. But who needs happy hips anyway?)

lexi said...

bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, BACON!
(I sound like my dog getting her beggin strips now...)

Julie said...

A bacon blog...genius I say!

Sara said...

I am so IN. Genius!