Monday, July 12, 2010

The Ten Spot - Liberty Creek Sweet Red

I have pretty eclectic taste in wine, but it does seem like lately I’ve been veering toward the sweet wines more than anything else. I wonder if that is a side-effect of the summer heat.

So, I suppose it should come as no surprise that I picked this bottle up during a recent shopping trip.

Partly because it’s the BIG bottle. And partly because it was $6.99.

This is definitely a “more for your money” bottle of wine. Sweet and fruity, it’s a little too easy to drink. You tend to forget that it is a double size bottle, so you may drink more of it in one sitting than you should.

What struck me about this particular wine, though, is that it is going to make a fantastic batch of sangria this weekend. Well, ok, I’m going to buy ANOTHER bottle to do that with, since I’ve already put too big a dent in this one, but you get my drift...

Ty and I are going to Story Time Live in St Louis this weekend with his best buddy and his mom. If you’re not familiar, this is basically Nickelodeon, Jr., live on stage. If you are acquainted with Dora and Diego, The Wonder Pets and all their friends, then you know what I’ll be going through on Saturday.

And so, surely you can understand why I’ll be picking up the big bottle and letting it marinate some fruit while we’re gone in St Louis. Because, after an afternoon with The Wonder Pets....well.....I’m going to need it.

You can check out this wine as well as Liberty Creek's other offerings on their website.


Kim said...

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets...we're on our way. To help the baby animals and save the day....LOL! I'm sure the show will be fun, BUT you will definitely enjoy the sangria when you get home.
I tried a red wine that I really liked recently. It was called Monkey Business. It was around $12 or something like that, but it really stood out to me.

Joanne said...

I really like sweet wine also...but it's dangerous. Since I can drink it like soda.

DORA! I'm so jealous!

Lee Warren said...

Oh man, wish I could find this wine, but I haven't been able to. I have found Liberty Creek merlot though and it is pretty good.

I'm on a quest to find my favorite sweet red wine and I have been blogging about the various different brands I've tried.

Mike74 said...

The best low cost ($7 for 1.5L) sweet red wine. Love it!!

imurclrqn said...

I found the Liberty Creek Sweet Red about a year ago. Only one place in my area carries it! I love it!!!! If you haven't tried it yet do yourself a favor and TRY IT! I looked up the calories and It's only got 8 cals per ounce. Yummy!

Nick Ragan said...

Lee ..
Sprouts has this wine. Get some.

Melissa Stitzer said...

My fave is from a Finger Lake Winery Montezuma - Fat Frog Red, a sweet red wine. It is $17 for a 1.5liter so it is more of a treat than an everyday wine for me. I tried Liberty Creek Sweet Red last nite and was amazed at how good it was!! I love it a little too much lol. The price makes it possible for me to make it my glass or two every evening wine.