Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, We’re on Our Way....

A few months ago, I discovered that there was going to be a production of Story Time Live appearing in my area. I promptly got in touch with Brayden’s mom (Ty’s best friend) and we ordered tickets. At which point. I realized. My mistake.

Are you KIDDING??? What parent in her right mind would willingly, eagerly even, subject herself to the Wonder Pets on stage.

Well, frankly, any mom who wants to see the look of sheer joy on her child’s face. Oh, yeah, and who feels like dropping a couple hundred bucks to do it.

Yes, I am insane.

For those of you who haven’t recently been acquainted with a preschool aged child, Story Time Live is rather like Disney on Ice. Except instead of Disney its Nick, Jr. And its not on ice.

Instead, it is the characters from four of my son’s favorite TV shows, performing special stories on stage. I fully expected this to be a parental nightmare, with a theatre full of preschoolers and their stressed out parents, laced with sugary treats and overpriced specialty merchandise.

Well, I was partially right. The show merchandise was, indeed, seriously overpriced. The show, however, was surprisingly pleasant, since Brayden’s mom and I spent the vast majority of it watching our sons become magnetized to the stage, in drooling awe of their little fuzzy heroes. The frenzied sea of children was actually a very well behaved group with only a few stray criers, and I suspect that the other parents were also so relieved at the unexpected pleasantness of the afternoon that I didn’t encounter a single grouchy remark or misplaced elbow in the line to exit the theatre.

My one comment to Nickelodeon (other than the horrifying merch prices) would be that the costumes were crap. I’m sure they were well made, high quality garments, please don’t get me wrong. However, the kids were confused.... I mean, I understand that Ming Ming was actually a person wearing a Ming Ming suit, but at this age, these kids don’t really get that, and really didn’t understand why the Backyardigans had human faces and voices. And really, why IS Boots the Monkey bigger than Dora?

And, hello, I’m not even going to TALK about Tuck the Turtle being anchored to his human counterpart’s pelvic region....

I think the show would have been a MUCH bigger success for the kids if they had just made full costumes that actually LOOKED like the characters. After all, this IS for the kids. The parent’s aren’t under any illusions and have no real need to be entertained. But now, I’m afraid, my boy is going to have questions about whether or not Swiper is really a fox. Hmmm.

All in all though, it was a very nice event, the kids had an absolute blast, and now we’ve opened the door (potentially) for more live events. As a bonus, the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St Louis is a true gem of historical buildings (my girl, NV will love that reference!) and a real treat to have such a pleasant staff on hand to get us through it.
Here are a few shots of the festivities for you!
First up was Ni Hao Kai Lan, but we were so engrossed in our boys that neither of us even got a picture. This is what we saw through the entire first half of the show.What you can't see is that they were both perched on the very edges of their seats.Next up were the Backyardigans.I mean, LOOK at the expression on Ty's face!The Wonder Pets were up next....And then there was Dora. None of my pictures of Dora turned out well except for this finale group shot where you also get Moose A. Moose and his friend Zee D. Bird.
Really, I mean, looking at that face, it was worth every penny.Is there really anything else to say?


Julie said...

I'll bet they had a blast! That Tuck costume is pretty confusing. We got to go to Disney on Ice a few months ago, and my husband was especially drawn to the Dory character, as the eyes were these big round bulbous orbs right where the skaters boobs were. It was pretty funny!

Giovanna said...

Okay, I see what you mean about the costumes looking like crud! They look weird and kinda ridiculous! Nick obviously doesn't have the kind of money that Disney has but who does?!!!
Just between us, I still think it's kinda weird that Dora and Boots hang out as much as they do and her parents are totally cool with it. I mean really, your best friend is a monkey, how sad is that?

Ty'sMommy said...

Julie - that cracks me up about the Dory costume! My husband would probably have been the same way.

Giovanna - oh man, don't even get me started on these shows. The one that really confuses me is Max and Ruby. A rabbit brother and sister who, apparently, live in a house alone, have no parents to speak of, but have grandma in a house down the road. Huh? WHat are these writers thinking?

MonkeyGirl said...

LOL! I have no idea who any of these critters are and I am perfectly ok with that! I'm sure that when my little sweet pea granddaughter is old enough, I will be forced to learn. Sigh, the things we do for love!

Kim said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time and I'm glad to hear there were no tempter tantrums or breakdowns during the show.
I know exactly what you mean about the costumes. I took my daughter to see Clifford a couple years ago and the costume was crap. She was old enough to notice and it totally ruined it for her.

NV said...

What fun! (And what a trooper mom you are.)

And I DID enjoy the reference. Yes,the Fox is fabulous indeed.

Joanne said...

You would THINK that Nickelodeon would have gone all out with the costumes. Hmm... I can just see how enamored Ty is with the whole thing...definitely a great investment. (I would be pretty enamored too if I could see Dora onstage...not gonna lie)

Krista said...

What's gonna work? TEAMWORK!

My mother-in-law took my nephews to this last year and made the same observations about the costumes. We arrived at the conclusion that the purpose of those weird Backyardigans costumes was to highlight the ethnic diversity of the characters. Maybe?

By the way, I totally meant to tell you that I got your package. Thank you! Thank you! Loved the packaging and the label. I can't wait to put all of it to use next week on my canning trip back home.