Monday, July 19, 2010

Pineapple Ginger Sorbet for I Heart Cooking Clubs

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

Looking for a nice, light dessert for a hot summer evening, I turned to our dear friend Mark Bittman. And, as usual, I was not disappointed. I have said in the past that Bittman’s recipes are the epitome of ease and simplicity (Duh, that’s why he’d called “The Minimalist”.) but this recipe just goes above and beyond.

I’ve been on kind of a gelato/ice cream/sorbet kick lately. I recently ordered Bittman’s book, The Minimalist Entertains, and found this chilly treat on his menu for an Asian Grilled Dinner. I don’t even need to look up the recipe....there are only three ingredients.

4 cups pineapple puree (Admittedly, I’ve never seen this in the store, but I bought 2 cans of crushed pineapple and demolished it in my food processor instead.)
1 cup sugar
1 TB ginger (fresh, dried or candied)

Mix all three ingredients together and freeze it in an ice cream maker.Bittman says this is best straight out of the machine or after no more than an hour in the freezer. I couldn’t agree more. Naturally, I doubled the ginger, but that’s just how I roll. Other than that, I made no changes. This recipe is the essence of perfection. Fresh, cool, and flavorful, it just caresses your mouth and makes you utter noises that probably shouldn’t be heard at the dinner table.

Need a quick and tasty dessert in a hurry? Try this one. Keep a couple of cans of pineapple in the pantry and it’s a no fuss-no muss dish that will have your dinner guests raving...and mumbling sweet obscenities under their breath....if my experience is any indicator...

I’m already thinking of variations on this one to try.....stay tuned....I may just get inspired!

This is my submission for this week's theme over at I Heart Cooking Clubs - POTLUCK!


girlichef said...

Oh, this sounds, refreshing, and delicioso! Great're quick ;)

Giovanna said...

Oh this looks so yummy! I love pineapple sorbet!

Kim said...

Cold sweet pineapple blended with spicy ginger. I can almost taste it now! Great pick, Beth!!

Debinhawaii said...

I have had this one tagged to make--it looks so refreshing and full of my favorite flavors. Great pick!

Joanna said...

Ooh, that looks so refreshing. Perfect for this crazy heat! Great choice for this week!

Lexi @ Pink and Orange Coffee said...

this sound @#$%& amazing! Sorry, just had to curse softly just thinking about it...and I too would double the ginger. SPICY!

Debbie said...

Mmmmmmm..... its 101, and this looks so refreshing!!