Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle!

It occurs to me that I have been so preoccupied with the multitudes of other things going on in my life that I haven’t even mentioned my son’s extracurricular activities in quite some time. (Yes, I know, its mainly a food blog, but he’s my little guy, he’s adorable, and, dammit, you’re gonna hear about him!)

Well, back around the first of the year, he started attending a new preschool (because his previous school was forced to close) and at the new school, they offer the opportunity for the kids to attend a tumbling or dance class with a visiting instructor once a week. (Yes, it costs more, yes I feel we were railroaded into doing it, and yes, I’m a tad bitter about it.)

But anyhooooo......Ty really enjoyed it. He’s not the most coordinated child (that’s a really nice way of putting it) so I figured it would probably do him some good. Well, naturally, there is a recital involved....even though we started attending well after the supposed “deadline” for costumes for the recital..... But I digress....

Long story short, and much bitterness under the bridge, we finally got through the stage practice, the dress rehearsal, and two recitals with a minimum (okay, maybe THAT’S an understatement) of pain and discomfort. Ty, naturally, had a blast. Mom, naturally, is very glad to say we will NOT be signing up for the next session of classes. *big sigh of relief*

Ty’s group of little tumbling boys “performed” a routine to the tune of “Monkey’s Uncle”. Really, I can’t remember where this song comes from, and it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that its over now and my son is incredibly cute.

Also, I among other things, I have learned that taking pictures at a tumbling recital generally results in a large quantity of very blurry photos.

So, there you go, folks, cuteness at its best....and don’t even get me started on the “costumes”. (yes, that is a monkey’s face, SHARPIED on the shirt. Nice.)Ty and his former "girlfriend" posing before the action shot! And that's about as lively as my big lug gets. Its not easy to get his feet over that big ol' head of his...And, finally, a group shot of ALL the Monkey's Uncle boys, strutting their stuff. Handsome little devils, aren't they?


Kim said...

Ty looks so cute! I love that last picture where all the boys are together posing.

David said...

Nice ... the origin is actual an old Disney movie (mid sixties I think). One of Annette Funicello's. Funny that the phrase lasted longer than the movie. Too cute!! He is quite the ladies' man!

NV said...

Wow! Still adorable overload.

He has grown so much in the past year. Been amazing to watch him grow up online. :-)

MonkeyGirl said...

Whew, I am sooo glad the M&M's didn't have a gymnastics recital! He is so adorable and the "costume" is kind of cute for a Sharpie induced costume!

Krista said...

You sound just like me re: the dance class/recital/costumes. Bitterness all around. I think that this will be my daughter's last year in dance. She just doesn't love it and I'm not about to pay out $500/yr. tuition + costume fees to force her to get dressed for class every week while I hate dealing with the dance school and the catty receptionist there. I think that she's more of a singer/actress anyhow. lol.

The pictures are super cute, though.