Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Rolled a Fatty – and I’m Gonna SMOKE it!

Ok, a few people out there are thinking, “WHAT? Why would she do THAT???” Here’s a little inside secret for you....

I’m talking about pork.

Yep, you all know my husband’s proclivities toward meat, meat, and more meat. Well, I decided that for Fathers Day this year, I’d make him a special treat. Something I’ve been seeing all over the internet and thinking to myself, “Boy, my man would really enjoy that.” That’s right, you know it, I’m talking about the Bacon Explosion.

This novelty has been all over the news this last year and it is basically a heart attack rolled up in bacon. You can check out the BBQ Addicts blog (the creators of the Bacon Explosion) for more details about this “fatty” as they call it, how it is made, and where you can order one, if you’re not as inclined as I am to experiment.

It starts like this:
You make a woven square of bacon slices.
You generously sprinkle it with your favorite BBQ seasoning.
Then you layer a couple of pounds of Italian sausage on top of the bacon weave.
Add crumbled up, cooked bacon pieces, more BBQ seasoning, and then douse it with a good barbeque sauce.
I also chose to add jalapeños to mine, since we do like the heat.
Then, picking up just the sausage layer, you roll it all up into a sausage fatty.
Place the fatty in the middle of your bacon weave and roll the bacon up around it.
Voila! One pork fatty. Just begging to be smoked.
Sprinkle it with some more BBQ seasoning, and put it on the grill to smoke for a couple of hours, then glaze with more barbeque sauce at the end.
Slice and serve, either on its own or as a sandwich, or just hook it up to an IV and prepare for pork euphoria.

Well, I rolled my fatty last night, in preparation for Fathers Day. Its sitting in the fridge, just waiting for its 15 minutes of fame. Get ready for pictures and more on Monday.....


David said...

Couple this with your bacon wrapped jalepenos and a cherry margarita and THAT would be euphoria ...

MonkeyGirl said...

I need to see these pictures and hear how it turned out! Keep this up and I might be forced to venture back into the kitchen!

Krista said...

Dear Lord! Clearly, I need to roll a fatty myself. Off to check it out now. : )