Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ty has a new best friend....and his name is Chuck E Cheese!

Okay, okay, his name is actually Brayden. But they both sure like Chuck a lot, too! I never got around to posting about our first trip to Chuck's last month, when the boys just had a blast running around and playing all the games, so I thought I'd include some pictures from each visit. Brayden's mom and I took the boys back up last Friday night for another visit and they just couldn't get enough. We were both very proud of how well they behaved and treated them to an extra special prize at the end of the night. We are already envisioning the trouble these two are going to get in together when they are older.
Last time we went, Ty's favorite game was the "water shooting game".This time is was the "helmet" game.Some of the games are more like rides, and one even takes the kid's picture with Chuck.My favorite may be the one that actually "draws" your picture while you wait.And then, there is not much more precious than getting a "yee-haw!" out of your four year old while he's riding a"horsie".All in all, it has become one of our favorite places....I just have to try not to spoil him by taking him there too often!


ARLENE said...

I love the "drawing" of the two of you!

Kim said...

Looks like you all had great fun!! Love the pic of the two of you - precious : ) We haven't been to Chuck's in awhile.

NV said...

He's just too cute ... and getting SO big. Really loved the karate pix, too.