Thursday, August 13, 2009

And now....Blackberry CAKE!

While I was preparing to make the blackberry muffins for My Girl, Paula!, I picked up a quart of gorgeous blackberries at the local farmer's market, but the recipe only called for 2 cups, so I had quite a bit leftover. At $5.25 a quart, I wasn't about to waste half the container, but I didn't really feel like making muffins again, either. So, just to check the versatility of the recipe, I threw it together again (did I mention how easy this recipe is to make?) and poured it into a 9 inch round foil pan. (I know, I shouldn't use foil, but see, I have several in my pantry that keep falling out at me every time I get the fryer or food processor out, and I really want to use them up and get them out of there!)

It look about twice as long to bake since it was a much larger dish, but it turned out beautifully, and now I think I have a blackberry CAKE recipe that people are going to request over and over again. These things are so moist, its ridiculous. Its almost like a pancake batter in consistency. I will definitely be making this again!


Kim said...

The cake looks equally delicious as the muffins. I should make mine tomorrow and take them in to work for the girls. Hubby won't appreciate the seeds in the blackberries...he doesn't realize that he's missing out.

karen said...

omg, the whole entire first page of your blog is seriously speaking to me! everything looks so good. you're on a roll! :):):) it's great that the same recipe worked so well as a cake.

Alwayzbakin said...

What a good idea! We also liked this recipe. Yours looks yummy.

Bev said...

I made this as a cake, no berries in it, for our card group this weekend. I baked it in a deep dish pie plate which took 45 minutes and served it with Peaches in White Wine from the Orangette blog.

What a hit! Thanks!