Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let there be LIGHT!!!

As if I don't have enough projects at home right now (what with the siding going up, and a new deck, and cleaning out the whole house....not to mention a baby quilt that is driving me to drink), I have just added another one to my list.
Donna at My Tasty Treasures turned me on (if you know Donna at all, you know she'll get a ckick out of that) to the idea of making a light box for my kitchen, and ever since then, I have been pissing and moaning about needing one so my foodie pictures look better. Every single picture I take in the kitchen now has terrible shadows, horrible contrast, and in general, they just suck. (ok, that's just a personal opinion and maybe a rationalization for me to spend the money on supplies to build the light box, but hey, the materials are bought and paid for, so its too late now!)

(Donna references this site for the instructions on building your own.)

Here is how it went together:

Using 5 sheets of craft foam board and some masking or duct tape (I even found WHITE Duck Tape at walmart, so it will look nice from the outside, too.), form a box with one open end.

Put 100W Daylight bulbs in 2 clamp-style shop lights and clamp them to the top edges of the open end of the box.

Plug in, and VOILA!One cozy little studio for capturing the essence of all my future culinary materpieces.

Like this:

To be posted about later.....


ARLENE said...

You rock! I've been "thinking" about making one for so long, but I'm anal retentive and don't want it "out" and have no place to put it when it's not in use. Looking forward to more great photos. BTW, I'm a quilter, too.

NV said...

Cool! I have some of the same issues as Arlene (nowhere to put it) and YOU (as in, don't I have enough projects going already?!)