Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Foreboding Sky...and Progress!

On the way to town this morning, Ty spotted my camera on top of my purse and asked if he could take pictures. This is something I've been letting him do periodically lately, and since the windows were rolled up, I figured "why not?" We ended up with 41 pictures. Pictures of the seat in front of him, of his legs, of his bowl of cereal, of the back of my head, and, among other things, of the "storm". It is not raining here...yet....but it is most definitely a foreboding sky. I just hope is doesn't stick around long so that the guys can get my house done today. This is what the sky looked like through the lens. not bad for a four year old, shooting through the closed window of a moving vehicle...
And, as I said, PROGRESS! Barring any natural disasters (or a whole lotta rain) the siding on the house itself will be done today. The front and back are done, and the sides need a little more work. Friday, Matt hopes to have two guys working on the garage and two on building the new deck. I may be taking tomorrow off again as well, to try and clean up the inside while all of this is going on.

Here are a few shots to give you an idea of what my house looks like now.
(The front of the house, with the new gable vent at the top)
(The road side of the house, nearly complete)(The rear of the house, with the header for the new deck installed, but otherwise complete, also with a new gable vent)(The southwest corner. This is where they will be starting this morning, to finish off that tricky spot between the two sections of roof before moving on to the other sides.)(The kitchen, desperately close to being done as well.)

All in all, a very productive day and I am looking forward to coming home tonight to find the house finished! The garage and deck are all secondary to me, especially since I really don't like the idea of the deck anyway, but I'm at the mercy of the husband on that one. We are talking about painting the concrete blocks later this summer. I'm thinking about going forest green for that. It should blend in nicely with my garden....and maybe disguise the weeds. Hopefully, we'll also get some of the landscaping done that I want to see done as well so that I can finally hang a "finished" photo of the house on the wall downstairs.

So, yeah....big sigh of relief. If I am not around tomorrow, I'm hoping to have BIG progress to report on Monday. In the mean time, have a great weekend!

P.S. I'm officially on "baby watch". My little niece is due to be born any day now, so I am waiting on pins and needles for the big call to come through! Everyone cross your fingers for a healthy baby and as easy of a labor and delivery as possible for her mama.


I'm Just a Girl said...

It looks fantastic!!!

Jenny said...

Does your camera have video? My point and shoot does and after the kids have used it, I find the card filled with these little videos: the ceiling fan rotating. Turning on the light. Sticking their tongues out with the camera upside down. Their feet while walking.
Makes me glad my camera doesn't have sound.

David said...

The place is looking great cuz!