Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Countdown

Okay, folks! We have the final word from the contractor! Here is the countdown to a fully sided house:

TODAY he has ordered the materials from our local lumberyard.
FRIDAY there will be a dumpster delivered to our house for all of the refuse.
SATURDAY the contractor is picking up said materials and delivering them to our house.
SUNDAY all of Matt's available buddies are coming over for a demolition party. We provide the beer and food, they bring the crowbars. All the old siding is coming off!
MONDAY the contractor and his workers arrive on site to begin RENOVATION!

I will start taking pictures when tear-off begins and hopefully I will have a completely new image to show you by next Friday!

After recovering from the siding job, I am hoping to get the landscaping done over the course of the summer and early fall so I can have the entire exterior finished before the cold weather sets in.

Everyone cross your fingers that Mother Nature is in a good mood and keeps the rain away for a few days so we can get this all done quickly!


Bev said...

It is absolutely pouring up here this morning so I hope you are having better weather. Our daughter and grandkids are flying in tonight and tomorrow we are headed down south so I am wishing for a beautiful week for all of us!

NV said...

Here's hopin' she's going to work with ya. She's cantankerous though.